Here can you see my streaming web cameras.
All this began several years ago, first with a camera and then over the years it has become more ....
Programs that used to bring pictures to the Internet using WebcamXP, that is very good, if you have multiple cameras.
Cam1 shows a clock, which I designed and built myself some years ago. I came up with the idea to this clock thinking of the horizon and the sun and the passing of time. The red LEDs (seconds) are the sky (blue LEDs were very expensive at the time) and the green LEDs at the bottom are the minutes and symbolizes a meadow in the summer with red flowers every five minutes. The hours are shown as sunrays, yellow LEDs, from left to right. The time is shown both digitally (LED-display in the middle) and analogue with Light Emitting Diodes. The function is synchronized so that both units always show exactly the same time. The symbol ABB comes from the time when I worked at ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) and thought that we should have the clock in our CAD-department, and that is why you also can see the symbol CAD(Computer Aided Design). The days of the week are also shown below the LED-display, Monday to Friday are yellow, Saturday is green and Sunday is red like in a calendar. Cam2 shows another clock standing in my book-shelf. Next to it on the wall hangs a clock with a thermometer scale. There are rising rows of LEDs for hours, minutes and seconds and on top is a display who shows the time digitally.
N.B. You can find more information about and pictures of the clocks (more types) if you click below on "Bilder av klockorna".